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Bruce’s is committed to offering lease to own home furnishings for the lowest total price. We love our customers and will strive to get to know and establish long term relationships with each and every one. We aim to have the best customer service.

Bruce’s program is different from all other Lease to Own and Rent to Own programs. We don’t penalize you for paying late like other places. We reward our customers with a discount for making payments on time or early.

With our CHOOSE AS YOU GO PLAN everything in the store is on a 12 month lease. We offer 2 early buyout options to save you the most money possible. If you choose you can buyout the lease in 4 months to save 25% or 7 months to save 15%.

We always… offer:
No Credit Check | Free Delivery and Setup | Only $10.00 Down | The Lowest Total Cost
(or we pay you $200)