What information is required to get an account?

When will my 1st payment be due?

How and when will I be notified If I am approved or not?

Can I apply again later if I am not approved?

I just started working, can I apply?

How old do I have to be to start an account?

I only need something for a couple weeks, can I do this?

What do I need to pay today?

Who can I use as a reference??

Can you guys haul away my old furniture or appliance?

Is there a warranty included?

How long will my payments be for?

What the interest rate?

Do you deliver to my area?

Is delivery free?

Do you have to deliver or can I pick up in store?

Can I get California King?

How it works

Bruce’s is committed to offering lease-to-own home furnishings for the lowest total price. We love our customers and will strive to get to know and establish long-term relationships with each and every one. We aim to have the best customer service.

Bruce’s program is different from all other Lease to Own and Rent to Own programs. We don’t penalize you for paying late like other places. We reward our customers with a discount for making payments on time or early.

With our CHOOSE AS YOU GO PLAN everything is on a 12-month lease. We offer 2 early buyout options. If you choose you can buyout the lease in 4 months to save 25% or 7 months to save 15%.